Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit

Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit

We have received many emails in which we have been requested to share the comprehensive difference between tuxedo and suit. Though we have answered this question in many blog posts but never made any post about it.

We thought that we should make an article rather than replying individually to emails and blog posts so all people can understand the difference between them.

It’s difficult to tell the difference between tuxedo and suit because it’s all about your choice and preference of outfit. But some main differences make them poles apart and we’ll talk about the differences between tuxedos and suits by giving an inclusive detail. You’ll come to know what’s the difference between a tux and a suit.

Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit


The main physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is satin. The tuxedos have satin on them and suits don’t. The tuxedos have satin-faced collars, pocket trim, satin buttons, and a satin side stripe down the pant leg. The satin on the lapels is supposed to enhance affluence and highlight the lapel’s modernized shape.

Suits on the other hand don’t have satin. On a suit, the jacket, collar, and pants all have the same material. The jacket has a mark or peak lapel and the whole jacket is made from one fabric. It usually has either bone-plastic buttons or buttons that cope with the same fabric.

You may have found some collar trims, pocket trims, and elbow patches in fabrics such as suede but it will never be satin. The suit is usually reserved for affluent evening wear.


A tuxedo jacket’s button will be a satin finish as well to match up with the lapels. You’ll also find only one button on a tuxedo jacket.

As mentioned above, the buttons on a suit jacket have the suit button finish, usually made from plastic. It may have up to three buttons on a single-breasted design and up to six on double-breasted.


Black color is the most common choice for a tuxedo because it signifies sophistication. It really doesn’t mean that it comes in black only, rather it also comes in other dark and aesthetic colors like red-wine, hunter’s green, and midnight blue.

Suits are not classified into any colors and classic colors for suits are multipurpose like grey or navy blue.

Shirt Style and Color

Tuxedos should be worn with white shirts only that have either a wing collar or a brushoff collar while there’s no shirt and color limitation for suits.  It can be worn with a variety of shirts, in any solid color or pattern.


With tuxedos, black patent shoes are best to wear while oxfords, slackers or loafers, and slip-on shoes are suitable to wear with suits.

Tuxedo vs. Suit Differences

One thing must be cleared that not every tuxedo has the common black jacket and pants with a white shirt. Many grooms are now wearing tuxedos in a diversity of colors, including gray and blue colors.

I went to some weddings in which the groom made an appearance by wearing tan tuxedos with Tropical Black Tie. You may have thinking tan tuxedos with Tropical Black Tie? Well, yes, it was so. And trust me it wasn’t looking odd or out of the occasion.

Suits characteristically give you more colors and style options as a suit offers you fashion freedom. Many people wear suits every day. They in fact convert this into social custom. It’s is acceptable to wear a suit even if you’re going shopping or grocery, it won’t look strange at all not people will think it’s all weird.

I must say that suits are more flexible than tuxedos because of the variety of colors while there’s not much flexibility with tuxedos.

Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit – In an Easy Way

As I said earlier that there’s not much suppleness with tuxedos. With it, you stick with classic styles which is somehow annoying. Another difference is, it can be worn with tuxedo shoes only.

You can change one thing on black or midnight blue tuxedo, satin collar, line down on the side of the leg, waist cover choice between a cummerbund or a waistcoat. A waist cover is important for tuxedos.

Suits have more flexibility to dress casual or semi-formal, which means, it has additional options to dress up or down. A waist covering is not mandatory. Men can wear a variety of styles, colors, and patterns over and done with neckties and pocket plazas. Men even don’t need to wear a tie with a suit.

What to Choose for Wedding?

Business, Business MeetingsSuit
Formal OccasionsTuxedo
PromTuxedo or Suit
Formal EventTuxedo or Dark Color Suit
Black Tie EventTuxedo
A Day Time Wedding or EventsSuit
An Evening Wedding or EventsTuxedo

Tuxedos are well-thought-out for evening wear. But if you’re having a daytime wedding, a suit will be suitable. If the wedding starts for the duration of the day but ends in the evening, then either a suit or a tuxedo can be worn. It will be alright to wear whatever.

If you’re having a black-tie wedding, you should go wearing a tuxedo. But if the wedding is off-the-cuff, then the suit will be suitable and comfortable for you.

The most important thing is that you should know what your bride is wearing as it means a lot to help you to choose what you wear. If she’s wearing a tea-length outfit, then you should go for a suit.

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