Difference Between Rabbit and Bunny

Difference Between Rabbit and Bunny

People often mistake rabbits for bunnies. The word bunny is often used to define a baby rabbit. However, there is a difference between rabbit and bunny. The most common myth regarding rabbits and bunnies is that they are different animals. In reality, they are just two variations of the same animal. There is difference in their appearance and behavior.

Even though they may seem similar, understanding these differences will ensure that you’re not fooled into thinking they’re one and the same. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common traits that distinguish a bunny from a rabbit. We’ll talk over how many ways they are different from each other.

The word “rabbit” usually refers to a small furry pet that hops around quickly. Rabbits are much larger than bunnies and have thicker fur. They also eat less than bunnies because of their slower metabolisms. They are herbivorous mammals, which means they have a plant-based diet and do not eat meat food.

They usually eat clover, grasses, and some cruciferous plants like broccoli and Brussels leave. These mammals are opportunistic feeders and eat fruits, seeds, roots, buds, and tree bark.

Bunnies are usually raised as pets while rabbits are mainly used for consumption purposes. A bunny is an adorable little thing with soft, fuzzy fur and large ears. Many people believe that bunnies are more playful than rabbits because they’re smaller and easier to catch.

There are many different breeds of rabbits, but the most well-known and common rabbit is the American white squirrel. They have a broad back, long ears, large front feet, and short back legs.

They come in a variety of colors such as black and brown with stripes. Persian rabbits are known for their long floppy ears that range from soft to hard fur textures.

What is a Rabbit?


Rabbits are a type of small, furry mammals that lives in groups. They have a longer tail, long ears, and a carrot-like nose. In many countries around the world, rabbits are kept as pets and can be found in urban neighborhoods as well as rural farms. They enjoy grazing on fresh green vegetables and prefer to spend their days chewing on hay and exploring.

They belong to the Leporidae family. There are many types of rabbits but the most common one found in North America is the Eastern cottontail rabbit. They can hop at speeds up to 18 mph and their average size ranges from 11-15 inches long and weighing about 3 pounds.

The rabbits are typically larger than bunnies. They also live up to 10 years while bunnies only live up to 3 or 4 years on average. Rabbits have ears that stand straight out from their heads and they also have longer noses while a bunny’s nose is much shorter and rounder.

The rabbits are very nearsighted so they depend on their hearing, sense of smell, and touch to find food and for self-protection. Their front paws have a powerful grip that allows them to dig deep holes to escape from predators and to wait out the winter months.

Rabbits can produce up to eight babies each year, or more if the female doesn’t mate with a male rabbit. They are most often domesticated animals, but they also live in the wild.

What Is a Bunny?

Difference Between Rabbit and Bunny

A bunny is a type of animal that people often keep as a pet. It is similar in shape to a rodent, but it is actually a member of the lagomorph family. They are adorable animals that resemble a rabbit. They are very cute and fluffy with little round ears.

Bunnies are also affectionate and will typically greet their owner by playing with them. They are cute and popular for their fluffy fur which comes in several colors such as white, black, grey, brown, and more. Some also have long ears and colorful nose markings called “winks”.

They are often associated with Easter because of the belief that they lay eggs. In reality, they don’t lay eggs but they do give birth to live young. There are many types of rabbits, such as the Dutch rabbit, the Belgian hare, and the American cottontail rabbit and all of them have a fluffy tails.

Bunnies are a type of small, rabbit-like creatures with a short tails. A bunny typically lives in a cage or own home where they can hop around freely and feed on anything from hay to carrots. They only live up to 3 or 4 years on average.

They typically have brown and white fur and floppy ears. Bunnies eat mostly grass and vegetables because they are herbivores.  Some people like to keep bunnies as pets because they are friendly, curious, and social animals.

It is very important to be gentle when handling bunnies since their muscles are not developed enough to protect them from being injured easily.

Rabbit vs. Bunny - Difference Between Bunny and Rabbit

Belong to the Leporidae familyBelong to the Leporidae family
Larger than bunniesSmaller than rabbit
Has a longer tail, long earsHas short tail and little round ears
Have thicker furHas soft, fuzzy fur and large ears
Eat less because of slower metabolismEat anything from hay to carrots
live up to 10 yearslive up to 3 or 4 years
Can tolerate colder temperatureNeed to live in a warm environment

Conclusion - The Difference Between Rabbit and Bunny

Both rabbits and bunnies are members of the lagomorph family. Rabbits are much larger than bunnies, and their ears are set farther down on their head. They have a longer tail than bunnies do.

Bunnies are characterized by shorter ears than rabbits, and they move in a jerkier manner, which is sometimes referred to as a bunny hop.

A bunny’s body temperature is much higher than a rabbit’s body temperature, which allows bunnies to exist in environments with warmer temperatures. That’s why bunnies need to live in a warm environment while the rabbits can tolerate colder temperatures.

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