Difference Between PST and PDT

Difference Between PST and PDT | PST vs PDT

Difference Between PST and PDT is clearly visible and we’ll show the difference between them. The world is cryptic in which different places have different weather, climate and time. It switches around the sun to make light available all through the day and redirects light from the moon throughout the night.

As the whole world goes nearby the sun, so the experience of daylight and night time is different. The difference between PST and PDT is clearly visible.

Suppose there’s a day in some places, in some places, there would be night. This is because each part of the world has its own standard time zone. There are 25+ world time zones -12 GMT to 0 GMT and +12 GMT.

Here are some time zones, Pacific Standard Time (PST), Australia Central Time (ACT), European Central Time (ECT), Central Standard Time (CST), Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Eastern African time (EAT) and Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The USA and Canada uses the Pacific Time Zone or PT. It is founded on the 120th zenith west of the Greenwich Observatory. It is PST in winter and the PDT in summer.  PST is eight hours late the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8).

In the USA, it is used in the course of winter in California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and Oregon. It is used in Yukon, the Mexican state of Baja, California, the Canadian province of British Columbia except Cranbrook, Golden and Invermere.

Difference Between PST and PDT - PST vs PDT

What is Pacific Standard Time? (PST)

PST named as Pacific Standard Time too. PST is the time tailed for the duration of the Winter. It is followed from Early November to Mid-March the US, Canada and Mexico. As it is the standard time so it remains the same. It is observed that Pacific Standard Time is used in Winter to lessen the day.

There are many places in the countries declared that fully follows the PST. In Canada, only Yukon is fully in the Pacific Time Zone. Moreover, the Northwest Territories and British Columbia somewhat follow whereas the other parts follow the Mountain Zone. In the US, two states California and Washington, entirely fall under Pacific Standard Time.

What is Pacific Daylight Time? (PDT)

PDT, Pacific Daylight Time is followed during the Summer in the same places where PST is followed. It is followed from Mid-March to Early November. It is observed that PDT is followed during summer to spread out the day. The standard time is considered as 7 hours behind the GMT.

The standard time is kept back one hour ahead of the PST. This helps in saving energy all through the day. Later, PDT is set back to PST on the First Sunday in November. Earlier it was 1st Sunday in April to Last Sunday in October.

So, the difference between PST and PDT can be seen with the term mentioned above.

Infographic on Difference Between PST and PDT

Difference Between PST and PDT - PST vs PDT




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