Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Both Methodist and Baptist are the most conspicuous branches of Protestantism that are existed for a long time on Earth. They strictly trust Jesus Christ and his teachings too. Although they are associated with Protestantism but their belief systems are not the same. So, in this article, we’ll show the difference between Methodist and Baptist. But before discussing the Methodist vs Baptist, we’ll define what is Methodist and Baptist, then will show the difference between them.

What is Methodist?

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Methodist is a member of the largest Christian change that grew out of the revival of religion led by John Wesley. This is also called the Methodist movement which is a group of historically associated denominations of Protestant Christianity. George Whitefield and John’s brother Charles Wesley were also substantial early leaders in the movement. They were called Methodists for “the systematic way in which they carried out their Christian faith”.

Methodism initiated as a revival movement within the 18th-century Church of England but after Wesley’s death, it became a separate denomination. The movement extent all over the British Empire, the United States, and beyond because of dynamic missionary work.

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

The faith system of Methodist is more or less similar to many Christianity denominations. Methodist strongly believe in God, the Bible as well as Jesus Christ. They even consider Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity. It’s also known for its rich musical tradition, and Charles Wesley was involved in writing much of the composition of hymns of the Methodist church. All Methodists are supposed to hold their services and worship on Sunday.

Methodists have their follows in Church and more significantly, they are liberals and not firm fundamentalists.

What is Baptist?

Methodist vs Baptist

Baptist is a member of Protestant Christians group who share the basic beliefs, principles and opinions of most Protestants but who vow that only believers should be baptized and that it should be done by obsession rather than by the pouring of water.

Baptist has the basic belief system. They believe in God, Bible and also Jesus Christ. Their way of practice is different from others. Like Baptism and spiritual union are one of their faiths but how it is held and handled is somewhere the difference arises.

Baptists rely on that only grown-up matured adults can understand the faiths system and God, that’s why it is performed only to matured adults. More significantly, Baptism is done to people only who shall plead guilty and that shall happen only through mental maturity. Not anywhere in the Baptist rules, Infants Baptism allowed.

Their Pastors can be appointed by native Churches and the Pastors must be Male. The Baptism ceremonial is somewhat dissimilar from most of the denomination. They firmly perform Baptism only through immersion. They are very strict in their faith and fundamental beliefs. Moreover, their governance is independent and liberated.

Methodist vs Baptist Comparison Table

Methodists perform baptism to all infants, youth and adults. They are not discriminative about an individual’s age and maturity.Baptists perform only for the matured adults. They restrict it for the infants and do not perform baptisms of infants.
Methodists’ Worshippers are linked to one another.Baptist follow self-governing policy.
Methodists believe in God and the Bible as the word of God and teachings of Jesus.Baptists believe in god, the bible as the word of god and teachings of Jesus whom they accept as the savior of humanity.

Both the Methodist and Baptists hire pastors to their Churches, but there is a difference in that too.

Methodist does not have any restraint in gender while appointing the pastors.In Baptist, Pastors must be Male.
Methodists give permission to bishops to assign pastors to congregations.The Baptists congregation chooses their own pastors.
Methodists are liberal and follow very minimal fundamental aspects.The Baptists’ fundamentalists are strict.
Methodists perform baptism by immersion, sprinkling and dribbling.Baptists perform baptism only by immersion.
all Methodists hold their services and worship on Sunday.Most Baptists hold their services and worship on Sunday. Yet, there is a group stated to as Seventh Day Baptists who gather and worship on the seventh day of the week on Saturday.