Difference Between iPad and iPad Air

Difference Between iPad and iPad Air

The difference Between iPad and iPad Air will be shared. Tablets are the most adaptable and resourceful tech gadgets and are designed to give the qualities of both smartphones and laptops. You should know your work direction when spending money to buy a tablet.

You should know if you need a tablet for web browsing, watching movies, shopping, and checking email or want that device for other secondary work?

It’s all up to you. Some models are well-appointed to do all the tasks as your smartphone does whereas others the iPads are powerful and can carry some functions out of a laptop. Apple’s iPad goes under that first category as this is best for web browsing, watching movies, checking emails, reading, or shopping.

It has a capacious 10.2-inch Retina display, adept processor, and a budget-friendly price which is $329. This iPad is the best choice for anyone who just wants a basic tablet.

The iPad Air has some of the iPad Pro’s qualities, such as a virtually borderless screen, compatibility with Apple’s latest accessories, and USB-C charging. This is best and ideal for those who want a more powerful tablet with some iPad Pro elements. It’s just $599.

In this article, we’ll share the difference between iPad and iPad air so you can choose either as per your requirement and budget.

Apple iPad vs. iPad Air

Apple’s 8th-generation iPad is the best Apple tablet. It has a spacious 10.2-inch retina display, an adept processor, and a budget-friendly price. This iPad is the best choice for any person looking for a general-purpose tablet as they want an iPad to watch movies on Netflix, read the news, browse social media, or send emails, etc.

The iPad Air has a prominently better screen, smoother design, and much improved and faster performance. The price of the iPad Air is $599 which is quite good if you want to use this tablet for other secondary work.

Because of its faster processor, extra storage space, and sharper screen, iPad Air is much suited for tasks like video and photo editing. iPad Air is most suitable for determined and active tasks, but if you want to do mentioned above tasks like reading, web browsing, watching movies then better not to buy it as it would be costly.

Difference Between iPad and iPad Air

 iPadiPad Air
Display10.2-inch Retina display10.9-inch Liquid Retina display
Display Resolution2,224 x 16882,340 x 1640
Weight1.08 lbs. (Wi-Fi only)1 lb. (Wi-Fi only)
ProcessorApple A12 BionicApple A14 Bionic
Front Camera1.2 megapixels7 megapixels
Rear Camera8 megapixels12 megapixels
Battery LifeUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hours
Storage32GB or 128GB64GB or 256GB
Special FeaturesKeyboard and Apple pencil supportUpdated touch ID, USB, C port, stereo speakers, magic keyboard, and Apple Pencil 2 support

Display and Design

Apple gave the iPad Air an aesthetic upgrade in 2020, and it’s one of the main features that make a clear distinction between them.

The $329 iPad has Apple’s typical iPad design. It comes in three colors only, space gray, silver, and rose gold color. It has curved edges, coarse bezels above and below the display, and the Touch ID home button as Apple’s older iPads.

While Apple’s mid-tier tablet has slimmer borders framing. Its display and flat edges are much like the iPad Pro and iPhone 12. It comes in more color space gray, rose gold, silver, green, and sky blue.

The iPad Air is thinner and lighter than the standard iPad. The iPad Air is 0.24 inches thin and weighs 1lb, while the iPad is 0.29 inches thick and weighs 1.08 lb.

Although it doesn’t have much difference, yet you can feel more comfortable holding iPad Air for long periods of time while web browsing, reading, or gaming.

The screen resolution of both iPads is packed with 264 pixels per inch. But there are some other technical dissimilarities that affect the viewing experience. Some qualities are missing on the iPad Air’s screen like full lamination, anti-reflective covering, P3 wide color gamut support, and True Tone.

True Tone feature is undoubtedly the most evident one because True Tone is supposed to adjust the iPad’s display color and intensity to counterpart the lighting in your surroundings. The purpose is to make the screen looks more natural.

It helps to clear out the blueish tint which is often found on devices’ screens. But you can see and feel the difference only when looking at the two tablets together with one another.

The iPad Air’s screen also comprises Apple’s ProMotion technology, unlike the regular iPad. This feature increases the iPad Air’s refresh rate up to 120Hz for slicker scrolling. This can be useful if you’re intending to use the iPad with the Apple Pencil for drawing and sketching.

iPad for Drawing

Performance - Difference Between iPad and iPad Air

Another main difference between them is in their processors. The iPad runs on Apple’s A12 Bionic processor while the iPad Air runs on the same A14 Bionic chip that controls the current iPhone 12 series. The iPad Air is a little bit faster than the standard iPad.

The iPad comes with the A10 Fusion chip which is a fast processor that enables it to handle most tasks without a hindrance. It has the motion co-processor inside, which allows you to use the Apple Pencil with this device that’s perfect for drawing, taking notes, etc.

A benchmark test is known as Geekbench 5, that’s meant to assess how a processor performs when handling everyday apps. The iPad Air’s A14 Bionic chip scored 1,588 while the iPad’s A12 Bionic chip scored 1,114 correspondingly.


Storage is a more imperative factor to think through when deciding between the iPad and iPad Air. The one who is used to keep most of their files rather than deleting them, then you must choose iPad Air, which comes in 64GB or 256GB capacity. The standard iPad comes in 32GB and 128GB options.


As I said earlier, if you want to use an iPad for work, then accessories are an important part that let you work smoothly without any glitch. Both the iPads come with the Apple Pencil and Apple’s keyboard cases, but the specific models will be different.

The standard iPad is compatible with the original Apple Pencil and Apple’s Smart Keyboard only while the iPad Air works with the second-generation Apple Pencil, the newer Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Folio case.


The iPad has a better-quality rear camera, which permits you to take beautiful photos. But it is seeing that the iPad has a very lower resolution (1.2 MP) selfie. Photos captured with the front camera look much blaring and fade compared to those taken on the iPad Air.

 So, this can be problematic if you often make video calls and Zoom calls on your iPad. You may have to avoid the video call option just because of the lower resolution.


Both tablets have similar battery life, about 12 hours.  Apple claims of 10-hour battery life for each tablet. But it’s important to remember that battery life be different depending on how you’re using the iPad.

Final Verdict

Like always, I won’t recommend what you should buy and why because you better know your line of work. Generally, the $329 iPad is the perfect choice for most people as it’s potent to handle most spontaneous computing tasks.

But if you want more features like an enhanced display, sleeker design, and a sharper FaceTime camera for video chatting, then you should go for iPad Air.