Difference Between Corn and Maize

Difference Between Corn and Maize

There’s no huge difference between corn and maize. Corn is a term mainly used amongst North Americans. It is one of the most common cereal grains around the world. Corn and maize are different terminologies but used interchangeably.

In British English, the word corn simply means cereal whereas the word maize comes from the original name of the plant given by the Taino, Bahamas and Antilles islands’ native people.

What is Corn?

Corn vs Maize

In many countries, corn is the name set to the primary crop grown in certain districts. In England, it is wheat whereas in Scotland and Ireland, it is oats. In the Bible, corn is wheat and barley. On the other hand, in USA and Canada corn and maize are the same and are meant for the plant that produces kernels for cooking. 

The term corn is favoured over maize for food products that are made from it like cornmeal, corn flour, corn starch etc. In cooking, the corn is usually stated as popcorn, cornflakes, sweet corn, baby corn, flint corn and flour corn.

So the difference between corn and maize can be identified easily by knowing the mentioned facts. It will more clear by reading what is maize.

What is Maize?

Difference Between Corn and Maize

Maize is also well-known as corn, a cereal grain first comes from the original name of the plant given by the Taino, Bahamas and Antilles islands’ native people. It was a farm in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago. The maize is measured to be one of the highest grain crops in the world.

Its farming blow-out all through Central and North America where Columbus discovered it and took it back to Europe. The name maize instigated with the indigenous Taino people in the Caribbean. The name used in most European languages to symbolize Indian corn or grain from the New World.

It was originated from its Mexican variant named teosinte.  It has a single straight solid stalk with long and narrow leaves that grow interchangeably.  Teosinte and maize can be laid open to cross breeding to make productive progenies.

Ancient farmers of Mexico are well-known to be the first to domesticate maize.  They noted that the plants were not the same in appearance. Some cultivated larger than others and some kernels were yummier. 

So they carefully have chosen the best ones that come with favorite characteristics. This procedure was called selective breeding from which the modern maize patented.


The main difference between Corn and Maize is that Corn is a North American cereal. It is produced from kernels that are used for an individual grain in the cooked form. Word “corn” has many senses be contingent upon the topographical regions. It is found in European regions and is a plant that has large grains that are set on a cob.

Maize generally originated in North American regions and is a plant that has large seeds. These seeds are set on a cob and is considered to be raw. It is a North American cereal that is produced from kernels that are set in the rows on a cob.

It is more famous in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Maize is a term that is used for the plant which is not cooked or still raw on the branches of the cob whereas corn is the word which is used for the maize which has been cooked and ready to eat.