Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Should I go for buying a Chromebook or a laptop? This question is very common among people who are confused to choose what they should purchase. In this article, we’ll take all your confusion out by sharing the difference between Chromebook and laptop.

Technically, both Chromebooks and laptops are ‘laptops’ actually because both devices are portable. You can take it with you anywhere you want or it can be operated while resting on your lap too. Moreover, both look the same with the same design element and build. So, you might think that what’s the thing that makes them not the same?

We’ll discuss if a laptop’s inclusive adaptability makes it the better option to buy or a Chromebook’s moderate operating system and web-based accessibility and dependability is more appropriate to your needs? We’ll highlight each device, and let you choose which one will work for your needs.

What is a Chromebook?


Chromebook is a new kind of affordable and budget-friendly laptop that runs on Linux-based Chrome OS instead of Microsoft Windows. This is designed to be used with an Internet connection. It’s a kind of laptop and looks like it, but they are very dissimilar from laptops with overall completely different OS.

As compared to Windows and Mac OS, Chromebooks are very lightweight. Theoretically, it’s a typical laptop with a lesser amount of pretty additional features. This is very lightweight like an Ultrabook that basically doesn’t need a lot of RAM or hefty processing power.

It can be used for various tasks like you can watch movies, you can use the internet, play games and so on. It has everything from games, music, and photos to Maps and office. It gives you the top of Google, Gmail, Maps, and Docs that are securely stored in the cloud.

It syncs with your Android-based devices. No other setup is required. You just need to log in with your Google account and that’s all. It allows you to save your documents, photos, and videos to Google Drive automatically. But it often has limited offline storage. As a result, you receive 100 gigabytes of free online storage when you purchase a Chromebook.

Each time you’ll have the choice to purchase an additional storage device or use other storage services on your Chromebook. The Chromebooks are updated automatically, you don’t need to do much care about manual updates and downloads.

You can work directly from the Chrome internet browser or Android applications from the Google Play Store can also be installed. You can’t install programs on Chromebook. You totally depend on Play Store’s existing app for your Chromebook. So you’ll find thousands of apps that can be chosen as per your need and requirement. You can find any desire suitable app in the Plays Store without any trouble.

Moreover, by keeping in mind users’ necessities, these apps are developing and continuously growing day by day to facilitate more. If you’re a Microsoft Office fanatic, you can install the Office 365 Android app. As a gamer, you can use Google Stadia, which permits you to play and stream the latest games even in 4K.

Although Chromebooks can’t replace your feature-rich laptops, they are worth every single penny. The Chrome OS has a similar Search button just like Windows has a Start button.

You don’t need to install a virus scanner separately as this is protected against viruses by default. Files stored online are secure by Google. Hence, you can be guaranteed that a Chromebook is always secure.

What is a Laptop?

Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Everybody knows what a laptop is and why we use it. A laptop is controlled by a PC OS such as Microsoft Windows 10 that delivers the acquainted Desktop workspace where you launch programs, write documents, save files, and more of the same. It has all the abilities of a desktop computer and it runs the same software and applications.

Laptops are more expensive than computers and are designed to consume less power. They run on AC power or batteries, like Li-ion, NiMH, etc. Unlike Chromebooks, you can configure your laptop as per your need.

You’re not much dependent on apps and can install any accessible software on the laptop. You can also install any application you want. If you want specific applications (for work or school), a laptop or a MacBook can be the best choice rather than having Chromebook.

Hundreds of gigabytes of internal storage are delivered either by turning HDD or SSD. Hard drives or SSD are supposed to store your files. Moreover, it also allows you to store your files online in the cloud. You can save files online, such as on Google Drive. You can also go for an alternative way, like Dropbox or OneDrive.

Laptops might have additional features too like optical drives (i.e., DVD, CD, etc.), and many ports to attach external devices and accessories.

Unlike Chromebooks, you need an antivirus scanner to protect your laptop against viruses, malware, and spyware.

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

Operating System

The main difference is the OS. The Chromebooks run on Google’s Chrome OS while Laptops run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.


Chromebooks are designed mainly for online use. As everything is stored in the cloud and files are stored on Google Drive, they don’t need disk drives. Laptops on the other hand have disk drives or high-performance SSDs for storage.

Microsoft Office

You can’t install Microsoft Office suite on a Chromebook but you can use Microsoft’s own cloud-based Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and One Note. Chrome’s built-in Google Docs and Sheets are the better options for Word and Excel.


Chrome OS depends on Google’s own services such as Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, etc. Any laptop with a Chrome OS is a Chromebook. Like laptops, it doesn’t need any heavy processing power or a lot of RAM to function. Alternatively, it’s cloud-based, meaning apps and programs are stored in the cloud.

Chromebook vs laptop

Final Verdict - Chromebook vs Laptop

So, we honestly and briefly share the difference between Chromebook and laptop. What you should buy is all up to you. Chromebook is best for college and school work but if you’re a professional, then go for the laptop.

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